Meet the Team


Desiree Pennells

My four years of post-secondary schooling has made me dynamic in all aspects of design, from the film & photography industry to the graphic design industry. I graduated from Media Fundamentals, Graphic Design, & Digital Marketing all with honours.



This is Raven. Born Nov 18/18. Her dad is a poodle and her mom is a lab shepherd mix. She is currently in training to become a service dog. Which means she's very smart! You can get her to do most tricks. She loves to run around and play with Scout.

Scout's photo


This is Scout, named after Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird. Born July 10/17. Her dad is a short-hair chihuahua and her mom is a long-hair chihuahua. She is the boss of everyone but she also a total wimp. I swear she is nicer then most chihuahua.