To kill a mockingbird design


To Kill A Mockingbird

I had to mix To Kill A Mockingbird with cubism. Since I’m trying to reach people would want to read To Kill A Mockingbird, I made them my target audience. I did a very simple cubism design of a bird to attract my target audience. Right now the cover To Kill A Mockingbird looks like it’s meant only for children. I wanted to make it visually pleasing to all ages.

Website Design


I came up with DesignFix when I was looking for freelance work. The sites currently available don’t function as well as they should. I was thinking how great it would be if I could make my profile more like a dating site. When we are looking for work, we are trying to sell ourselves. Having the ability to custom our profile on a freelance job site will make it easier to find the perfect match!

Album Cover Design


Philosofly’s released an album that he made for himself on the software Fruity Loops. I use the Fruity Loops logo and blended it to a winkled up piece of paper.

Editorial Design


I took the photo and brought it into Photoshop to create the grunge effect and then I laid it out in InDesign, to turn it into an editorial.

Book Cover Design Set
Kit's Law Book Cover Design
Book Cover Design book 2
Book Cover Design book 3

Book Covers

Redesigned Book Covers

I illustrated an object that shows a main part of each book for the covers and used a colour palette that goes together to show unity.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.30.46 PM

Re-Branding & Packaging


I design a new logo for Hamley’s in Adobe Illustrator. I use a coffee spill to show a unique way that Hamley’s is a coffee shop.

Along with the new logo I designed for Hamley’s, I showed them how it would look on products they use within the coffee shop.

Ebook on Graphic design

Writing & Designing


First I had to write the EBook for Siva. The I designed it using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

Coffee Crisp Ads


Coffee Crisp

I had to come up with unique ideas to grab the attention of the viewer. The major challenges for this project, was picking a tagline that could work for both ads. I used don’t spill the beans because I could use it in many different ways.

I had to research on why people might want to eat Coffee Crisp. Then I got the idea to use part of the name. Coffee. Why would people stop drinking coffee and start eating Coffee Crisp. The photo used in “Have a Spill Free Day” I took myself.



Georgian College

I got the 3D effect on the map by first building it in the Sims, then I took a screenshot and brought it into Illustrator.

Branding & Packaging

Soul Mates

I came up with Soul Mates one day, I was thinking about how much I wish I could design my own shoes.

First I came up with the name then designed the logo. After that I couldn't wait to design the shoes! I illustrated my dog Scout for one pair to show more of the custom design. I did smoke on the box to get the magical feel to it.


Maple Cookies

Tempo is a plastic packaging company. They have a new machine that can print HD images on packages. I took this photo to show how amazing the printer is on a test product that Tempo is handing out

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